Snowflake Multiteach®

Online Learning Through Games And Lessons

Safe and Educational

Lessons are added on a daily basis by teachers and educators, and are constantly monitored to ensure that they are safe and educational.
Children will not run out of things to learn!

Borderless Learning

Get access to thousands of lessons online! Created by teachers from all over the world, there are modules for all ages, levels, and subjects.

Easy Access and High Portability

No installation needed! All you need is a device with Internet connection. Access from anywhere in the world!

No Contract, No Hidden Cost

No contract, no hidden cost. Pay as you use. Free modules added daily!

learning while having fun

Great For Parents With Young Children

In this information age, children are learning at a rate faster than ever, especially with the use of touchscreen devices.

Lessons are presented in the form of games to make learning much more interesting to children.


Lessons From All Over The World

With a growing community of educators from all over the world contributing to the lessons, your children will not run out of games and lessons.

You can even create and modify your own lesson, and share them with the international community!

Get Access For Only USD4.99 per month!

Now, get access to Lessons Online at an introductory price of only USD4.99 per month!
 (Usual price USD24.99)

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